Putting Americans Back to Work

SEG and Gitomer Cares


We are excited to announce the partnership between Gitomer Enterprises (Jeffrey Gitomer) and SEG to help thousands of sales professionals sales, sales leaders and marketing professionals.  We have partnered with great companies that are committed to getting Americans back to work. 


  • Free Skills Assessment ($300 value) that the great Jeffrey Gitomer built himself to advance sales skills and leadership skills
  • 30 hours of free sales training/curriculum ($1000 value) that will change your life when you enter back into the workforce
  • Certification - our program that pre-qualifies you for BDR/SDR Roles, Account Executive Roles, Sales Consulting Roles and Sales Leadership Roles automatically when sales and leadership positions open up – great partners and great jobs!  
  • $0 to you! We thank our partners who made this possible .  They are some of the most caring people we know during COVID-19.