Putting Americans Back to Work

Become a Sponsor for Putting Americans Back to Work


One of the key messages that we hope to communicate as part of Jeffrey and Brian’s initiative is to inspire other organizations to become a sponsor.  We expect to have thousands of people in need during this time to opt into our program.  We will continue to provide free assessments, free sales training, certifications, however, any support would be greatly appreciated.


  • Providing an elite skills assessment ($300 value) that the great Jeffrey Gitomer built himself to advance sales and marketing skills and leadership skills
  • 30 hours of free sales and marketing training ($1000 value) that will change your life when you enter back into the workforce
  • Certification of our program that pre-qualifies you for BDR/SDR Roles, Account Executive Roles, Sales Consulting Roles, Sales Leadership Roles and Marketing Roles automatically when sales, marketing and leadership positions open up 
  • Thank you to our caring partners who helped us make this possible!



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